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Touch and No Touch Options

Binary options are a relatively novel concept. It has been available online for not even ten years, yet it is constantly growing in popularity. Brokers constantly work on improvements and they implement new ideas and concepts.

Everything started with Call/Put options, which every binary broker offers on their platform. However, there are now more types of options than just the “classic” one. Some brokers, like Banc de Binary or other regulated brokers, also have Touch/No Touch options in they offer.

How do they work?

binary-computer-1When you trade Touch/No Touch options, you should follow predefined rates which determine if the trade will end in the money. With these binary options, there are two choices, just like with other types of options. You need to predict whether the price will rise or fall when compared to the current value. In addition to that, you should determine the precise value the price will reach. Because of this, Touch/No Touch options are a bit more demanding than traditional Call/Put options, where you are only required to choose between the rising or falling of the price, as mentioned on Cybermentors.

With Call/Put options, you choose the level you think the asset will reach. After this, choose “Touch” if you predict the asset will reach the level or “No Touch” if not. There are also Double Touch options on some brokers’ platforms. With them, you can gain profit more easily, because you can predict two levels of the price and set the bar on both. You will earn money if the price reaches any of the chosen levels.

When to trade Touch and No Touch Options?

Many traders use Touch/No Touch Options when the trading volume on the market is low. This is when the movements in prices are lower, so they get closer to the moving averages. Because of this, the trading is more likely to be profitable. If you trade currency pairs, you will trade in the period when main markets of both currencies are closed. For example, EUR/GBP has a lower volume during the night if you trade in Europe, because these pairs are in the European market. It is similar for stocks because the main markets are closed during the night.

Advantages and disadvantages

first-binary-option-trade-call-putTouch/No Touch options are slightly more demanding than traditional Call/Put options. They require you to predict not only the rise or fall of the price but also the exact value the asset will reach. This poses a higher risk for the trader because it is much more demanding to determine the correct value than just guessing whether the price will rise above or fall below the current value. Still, with the high risk come higher payout rate. This means that Touch/No Touch options are much more profitable and offer higher return rate than other types of options.

Another advantage is that they are suitable for night traders. If you only have time to trade during the night, you will find these options useful and profitable. This is because the lower price fluctuations during the night when you can predict the prices more easily and more accurately.

Risk Strategies in Binary Trading

Binary trading is simple, easy to learn and provides straightforward predictions about earnings and losses. Because of this, there are more and more people around the world who start trading on binary platforms. Even though it is fairly simple to understand, it still requires some knowledge, skill, and strategies. If you want to succeed in binary trading, you need to determine you trading style and develop your strategy.

Setting up Clear Goals

Before you start trading, you need to make clear goals, develop a trading plan and a strategy. This way you will stay focused and by sticking to the plan you will protect yourself from emotional decisions. You should determine how much money you are willing to invest every day. It is also advisable to determine how much you can lose every day, or how much you want to earn. You should stick to this plan and when you reach the predetermined amount, you should always end the trading for the day.


Additionally, you can also determine the number of trades to perform every day, or the number of hours to spend on the platform. This will protect you from overtrading and getting yourself in a position to feel tired, worn out and nervous. These feelings can make your trading success drop and you definitely want to avoid them.

The amount of risk you are willing to take is something you should also take into account. They are based on the sum you plan to earn and, naturally, the risk you are willing to take. Read more:

Low-Risk Strategy

v16igav8tek6qatxhk8g2qLow-risk strategy good for traders who do not want to take high risks. It is advisable and ideal for beginners since they still have a lot to learn and they risk more in the beginning due to insufficient skills. It usually results in lower earnings per day, but there will also be very few losses or none at all. It presumes few losses and wins during a trading day and few trades you execute every day. The winning ratio should be approximately 80% and you should earn or lose small sums of money per day.

Medium Risk Strategy

Medium risk strategy is for traders who aim to earn more money per trading day, but they are not ready to risk too much. The risks they take are not too high, but they are not minimal either. The number of trades during one day, as well as the number of wins and losses, is higher than with the low-risk strategy. Winning ratio should be about 75% in this case, and you should set the earned or lost sums of money higher as well.

High-Risk Strategy

business-finances-fvfah0ptA high-risk strategy is for those who want to take the highest risk. They are ready to lose large amounts of money if this can make them earn even larger ones. It is only for experts, who have been in binary trading for some time. The number of trades is high, as well as the number of earnings and losses. You do not determine the maximum amount of earnings, but you should set up the amount you are willing to lose. Despite the high invested risk, the winning ratio should not fall under 65%.

Make Money Through Blogs

Blogging is an interesting and fruitful way to earn money. This is a legitimate way to earn money, contrary to the opinion of many people. To make money through a blog you have to like writing and blogging in general.


This type of employment requires discipline, patience, and persistence. You shouldn’t expect any money in the first year of your blogging venture. It will take at least a year to get enough audience and to create a brand that will attract people. Some exceptions exist, but don’t rely on that. You will need high traffic to earn money, and that is achieved through dedication and high-quality content.

Don’t expect to make big money in a month or two. If you want some fast cash, then trade binary options.

Some standard ways to earn money through your blogs

You can make money through blogging through several different ways. Earning through advertisement was the most common way to earn cash until last several years. The pay is scarce as you will get a little money for every person that clicks on an ad. You can sell ad spots, but that won’t get you anywhere unless you get over thousand views a day.

Bloggers that get a lot of traffic create pay memberships for their viewers. Those that pay for a membership get access to exclusive content. If you want to make some cash in this way, then you will have to create something that those people can’t find on other sites.

It’s hard to move from a regular blog to sponsored posts, but if the topics match then you can earn some cash in that way. In this type of money making, you will write posts about particular products, and you will get paid to do that. You will need high traffic to get the attention from people that would pay you to write about their products.

A very common way to get some cash is through affiliate links. You will write articles and place affiliate links in them. Whenever someone clicks on that link and buys a product, you will get a percentage of the product price. Products you sell in this way should be related to the topic you write about. You will need high traffic to earn a decent amount of cash.

Other ways to make money through blogging

You can use your blog to advertise a product you created. That product can be an eBook or something else, but it needs to have some value. If you can get a lot of traffic, then there is a good chance that someone will buy it.

guadagnare-da-casaOr you can provide service and use the blog for advertisement. This is also a viable way to earn money, but you will have to provide a high-quality service at a reasonable price.
Choosing a particular niche and creating a sort of newspaper on your blog is a good way to ask for subscriptions. The content needs to be informative and fresh to attract a better audience.

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